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A person's unbalance is the same as a weight.

-Fourth Code of Isshinryu

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Charleston Joint Base Kumite Seminar PDF Print E-mail

On Saturday the 20th of April, the main Charleston Isshinryu Dojo hosted a kumite seminar, conducted by Grand Master Mitch Kobylanski, Ku Dan (9th degree black belt). The seminar was conducted at the Joint Base Charleston Gym in North Charleston, SC. Quarterly workouts and seminars are normally hosted at the main dojo in Charlotte, NC. This is the first seminar in the Charleston area, and the event had an outstanding turnout! About twenty students came to participate in the event. We started at 900 and continued until 1130.




Before the seminar began, Sensei Justin Andre was presented his San Dan (instructor certificate) by Master Tim Boykin. The first half of the seminar focused on hand techniques and entry skills. Sensei Kobylanski explained how to derive power and speed through economy of motion. The concepts presented were meant to have a wide application and appeal to all skill levels and body types. The second half of the seminar tied in kicking drills and combinations building off of the previously mentioned concepts.






After the seminar, several participants hosted lunch and socialized together at Steel City Pizza. There was much positive feedback from the participants about the event. Everyone had a great time and no one got hurt. The Charleston dojo deeply appreciates Sensei Kobylanski's visit and we all look forward to future workouts!



The next seminar will be conducted in North Carolina in support of Burlington, High Point, and Lexington Dojos in early May.

Joint Base Charleston Kumite PDF Print E-mail

Charleston Isshinryu Karate is hosting a Kumite seminar at Joint Base Charleston's Fitness Center in the Globemaster Gymnasium.

The focus of this seminar will be on Kumite (fighting). We are proud to announce that we will have 9th Dan Grand Master Mitch Kobylanski joining us from Charlotte NC.

Participants should come prepared with their sparring gear and a good attitude. We look forward to having a great workout!

February Warrior Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the United Southern Isshinryu site. This site is dedicated to all Isshinryu martial artists living in the South. Some of us are affiliated with an established Isshinryu organization and some choose not to be affiliated. The important thing is we all practice Isshinryu karate and we respect others that are traveling down the same chosen path.

We are proud to announce the latest installment of the Warrior Seminar Series at the Matthews Dojo on Saturday February 23, 2013 starting at 10:00 AM. The cost is $35, and we will be focusing on kumite and judging.

All ranks are invited, and participants should come prepared to kumite. That means a protective cup, mouth guard, head gear, foot and hand pads. Black belts will be judging and running the matches, and they will also be evaluated for the responsibility of running a ring at this year's Kyu Fest Tournament. Students will have the opportunity to participate in tournament-style sparring and receive feedback and insight on their technique and strategy.

AOKA Seminar Feb 2011 PDF Print E-mail

On Saturday, February 26, a group of about 60 Isshinryu students, instructors and masters gathered together for the most recent workshop in the Warrior Seminar Series. Meeting at the Matthews Dojo of Carolina Isshinryu Academy, the seminar was split up into a morning session and an afternoon session.

The morning session saw around 40 black and brown belts working with Grand Master Kobylanski, Master Boykin, Master Grismer, and Master McLaughlin. With a Black Belt Tournament coming up on April 30, the focus was on sharpening up performance skills with weapons, as well as effective kumite techniques in a tournament setting.

During a pause in the morning session, two promotions were given out. After satisfying the requirements in formal testing earlier in the month, Mr. Justin Andre was promoted to Ni-Dan by Master Boykin and Mr. Vittorio Antonacci was promoted to Sho-Dan by Master Grismer.

After a short break for lunch, the group expanded with the addition of twenty more students below the brown belt rank. While the Masters supervised and added additional insight, the afternoon sessions were taught by Sensei Ciprich, Scott, Gyr, Holland, Stainback, Edinger, and Wilson.

Topics covered in the afternoon session varied wildly. Students worked outside in the unseasonably warm February sun on isolating the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of kata. Indoors, areas of focus ranging from self-defense and bunkai for several kata to proper body movement and sparring techniques were covered.

When the last kiai had sounded and the seminar was at its conclusion, the participants gathered together to enjoy an early pizza dinner and go over all the lessons that had been learned during the course of the day. Combining fellowship, detailed instruction and hardworking participation, the February installment of the Warrior Seminar Series was a great success.

Mr. Charlie Snearly

Sho – Dan Matthews

Go to the gallery for photos of the event
What kind of a year will 2011 be? PDF Print E-mail


We all can hope that the recession that we are in is on its last legs but hope is just that.  If we sit back and wonder what the year will bring, we might be disappointed.

I, for one, am of the mindset that this is going to be a great year.  How can I say that?  Easy, I am making plans for it to be a great year.  Our dojo has set a goal for how many new students we want by year end and we are not sitting back to see if it happens. 

We are putting together two demo teams and will be out promoting our dojo the old fashion way (by show and tell).  Our dojo will be doing at least one demo each month (more if possible).  We currently have two Isshinryu seminars planned one in February (Matthews dojo) and the other either in Lexington or Thomasville in June.  In April, we are hosting an all Isshinryu Black Belt Tournament at the Matthews dojo.

The second Monday of each month our dojo will host bring a friend to class free sessions.  This is another way of getting potential new students an opportunity to meet the instructors and try a class to see if Isshinryu is something that they would like to pursue.

What are your thoughts?  Will you be sitting back and waiting to see how the year will turn out or will you be pro-active.

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