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A Person's heart is the same as heaven and earth.

-First Code of Isshinryu

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February Warrior Seminar Series PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the United Southern Isshinryu site. This site is dedicated to all Isshinryu martial artists living in the South. Some of us are affiliated with an established Isshinryu organization and some choose not to be affiliated. The important thing is we all practice Isshinryu karate and we respect others that are traveling down the same chosen path.

We are proud to announce the latest installment of the Warrior Seminar Series at the Matthews Dojo on Saturday February 23, 2013 starting at 10:00 AM. The cost is $35, and we will be focusing on kumite and judging.

All ranks are invited, and participants should come prepared to kumite. That means a protective cup, mouth guard, head gear, foot and hand pads. Black belts will be judging and running the matches, and they will also be evaluated for the responsibility of running a ring at this year's Kyu Fest Tournament. Students will have the opportunity to participate in tournament-style sparring and receive feedback and insight on their technique and strategy.


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